KJM Fitness Covid-19 Safety

Stay Safe, Stay Active

If you're planning a visit to the gym, please keep the following in mind:

- We are closely following government guidelines and we will amend our procedures in line with any changes to the regulations.

- Please do not come to the gym if you feel unwell or show any symptoms in relation to Covid-19.

- We have introduced a sanitisation station at the entrance of the gym, requesting members to sanitize their hands prior to entering the facilities. Antibacterial wipes are available at various points throughout the gym and members are encouraged to wipe down and clean equipment before and after use.

- All staff, if asked to do so by a member, will wear face coverings.

- Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for staff if they feel the need to wear it. Disposable gloves and aprons are available to be worn when completing any cleaning.